The Dawn of new year 2009

image The eventful year 0f 2008 is coming to an  end and the new year is about to come. 2008 has been a year which was really different. A year which saw lot of changes around.
When we think about the past year,  the first thing which comes to my mind is the economic instability of world's richest and powerful nation, which in turn affected the world as a whole, like an epidemic.
Everywhere we hear about stock crashes , inflation, plummeting real estate prices, job and wage cuts , cost reduction etc. The fear factor is so huge and as  media also is ballooning the actual situation, we keep wondering what is more  in store with this monster!!!
Recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai has changed entire mood of the country and now people started talking about issues of common interest with more passion,  which is really a good sign and it can make a difference in the future.
2008 is not going without its share of good signs. Indian economy is really recovering faster than others and fundamentals continues to be strong. But definitely it will not be cake walk for companies and professionals. The new year will see the  survival of the fittest.
Election of the first black as the new president in the history of USA is truly remarkable and let us hope his actions will be inline with spirit of change and peace as expected in the new year.
In sports India can expect new achievements in the new year.  Last year saw some good developments in this front.
India will also have a new government in the new year. Let us all vote for the right candidates so that we will not suffer in the future.
Let us hope for the best.
Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.


Terrorism - The biggest malady of Modern India

Terrorists have again struck where India hurts the most. The attack on the financial capital of Mumbai on 26/11 have given big shock to millions of Indians across India and abroad. As the concentration of attacks were in public places like crowded railway stations, popular restaurants , Star hotels and busy city streets, common men are well aware of who are the targets now. image

The Fear factor is more than ever before. People feel like ditched by the weak and corrupt leadership who cannot take proper and faster decisions and who once again have become mute spectators of killings of valiant police officers , army men and innocent civilians.

Corruption in Indian society has grown like a deadly cancer. Corruption is there everywhere top to bottom.Common man believe that everything in this country can be bought with currency, be it integrity of judiciary, truthfulness bureaucracy or the the power of the elected governments. It is easy and convenient for any forces who try to weaken this country, to use this cancer for their advantage.

Enemies of this country are cleverly using Indian men, money and machinery against India. And they are the clear winners in this game.

It is not a joke that Pakistan have better printing presses for currency printing. ISI use Indian citizens for carrying and distributing fake currency in this country, which in turn used to fund the terrorist activities in India.

Weak or spineless leadership and corruption are the biggest problems we are facing now. And so there should be more action from the people to make the required changes in the society.

Yes Guys and gals....

This is the time for action for each of us. There are lot of things that we can do as the responsible citizen of India.

  1. Elect good people: We had enough of the soothing words, meaningless speeches and 70 mm smiles which is of use in front of hard realities like terrorism. It is the prime responsibility of all us to elect good, non-corrupt , courageous and able people into all political positions. Let other considerations like caste , Religion , dynasty, groupism, party etc. not influence our voting. Terrorists will not look whether you are Muslim or Hindu or Christian or your party before killing you. Remember only good members of assemblies and parliament can only save this country from the problems it is facing now.

    So caste your votes decisively.

  2. Never encourage corruption: Fight..Yes fight against this biggest problem of Indian society. Our police are forced to defend us with 'Bullet proof' Jackets which are actually not bullet proof and age old 303 rifle and slow pistols against Powerful AK 47s and deadly grenades. I have seen a cctv footage of activity inside the TAJ hotel on 26/11, where the police officers hardly with any weaponry are trying to contain the mindless terrorists who had all the sophisticated and most modern equipments. Where are the crores of money gone in the name of modernization of forces?? Inform the right people when you come across any activity of corruption and
  3. Don't ever be the consumers of smugglers : When we buy smuggled products , when we use the notorious hundi telephone services , when we support black money transactions etc., we are actually helping to fund Terrorists, who will not hesitate to pull the trigger of his AK 47 rifle against anybody at anywhere. So Please don't do anything illegal and persuade your friends and relatives to do things in right way.
  4. Donate only to the known :There are reports that donations collected in the name of unknown charitable trusts, Orphanages, religious Institutions, people are flowing into hands of terrorists. So donate only to people and institutions whose activities and whereabouts are known. Also make they use the money effectively for the noblest motives.
  5. Be Alert and willing to react: Be agile and cautious about suspected people and situations. Be sure that our eyes are open to fight united to the threats like this. Inform authorities in time of any suspected terrorist activity in our neighborhood. Learn to react courageously and be united against common issues like corruption, social problems, injustice and terrorism.

Yes Friends.. Enough is enough... India had it enough...Now it is time for action...Next terrorist target could be you and me...We cannot escape this until and unless we learn to fight.

For thousands of innocent victims of terrorism , for the valiant soldiers who laid their lives fighting terrorism, For countless illiterate and misguided youth on the path of terror and for the millions of peace loving citizen of this country, we need to do it.

Remember together we can make a difference. A real difference...