How to Eat Fruits and live longer.

  Don't you like fruits??!!. grapes
Fruits are god send 'Amruthu' which has got exceptional qualities to keep man's health. Modern medical research is again and again underlining the value of different kind of fruits in reviving and rejuvenating the human health, which cannot be done with any man made medicines or Tonics!. Eating fruits daily can reduce depression. Fruits has got a mysterious healing effect on human beings and  is an important medication in Naturopathy.
Fruits are rich in fibres , proteins , vitamins and calories. We do know now that a food with plenty of fibers helps  against high blood pressure, and the  factors that increase the chance for a heart disease. Fruits are great anti-oxidants and so helps us to stop aging and fight diseases.
There are better ways to eat fruits.   mango fruits
  1. Normal practice is eating fruits after the main  meal as a desert,  which is incorrect and unhealthy. We need to eat fruits before the main meal and on empty stomach. As the fruits get digested quiet faster than the meal it can cause problems in digestion and  can cause stomach problems.
  2. If consumed together fruits  will rotten the food..So never take fruits and the hard to digest meals or  foods together.
  3. Replacing one time meal with only fruits will greatly help to keep better health.fruit Friends.. , I have started doing it now. My evening meal was replaced with uncooked fruits and vegetables.  According to experts a day spent with  uncooked fruits and vegetables only, can add days to our life!! Not a bad idea at all. Right? The  fruits digest quite fast in the the body and so all our internal organs get the much needed rest and so they recuperate  and  will make us healthy.
  4. Don't cook fruits. Fruits will lose its magical nutrients when cooked.Eat fruits fresh.
  5. We lose much needed fibres and vitamins when we drink filtered fruit juices. Try to consume fruits in its raw form.  Also it is not advisable to add sugar in it. 
  6. It is common knowledge that the fruits and vegetable available in the market, are grown and preserved using pesticides and chemicals. Wash fruits thoroughly using hot salt water before use. Always try to buy organic fruits and vegetables or take pains to cultivate them in your backyards and terraces. 
  7. Packed fruit juices and drinks are actually junk food , can cause health hazards and so please avoid!   oranges_01
So friends,  Eat fruits....and eat them right...
Let us work hard and eat right to make a healthy world!.

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rauf said...

You have given some good tips on health matters Sudheesh. Health is purely a matter of luck, what ever efforts we make to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Sudheesh Bhaskaran said...

Health is all about luck for that matter life also. Still let us try to do what ever we can. Thanks Rouf.

yamini nair said...

Your post was very informative. So far, I had thought that eating fruits in empty stomach is not advisable. Thanks for that bit of useful tip.

yamini nair said...

Your post was quite informative. So far I had thought eating fruits in empty stomach may not be as useful as eating it after meals. Thanks for that useful tip.

starry nights said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and I do hope you stop by again.Indeed fruits are good for you and should be part of everyone's diet.