Public Health and welfare- A myth in India ?

stethascope 5 infants are burned alive in the incubator 0f a private hospital in Patiala.

49-year-old man died in Alapuzha medical college  in Kerala after the stretcher carrying him broke into pieces.

As many as 49 babies, many of whom hadn't even celebrated their first birthday, have died at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences while being subjected to clinical trials for testing new drugs over the last two and a half years.

4 infants  died minutes after administering the Measles vaccine in Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu.

The above are some of the disturbing sample reports which has been in the  news papers recently. Who are  responsible for these tragic incidents? How we can compensate for the irreparable loss of the  parents and relatives of the victims?

It shows the things are seriously wrong here even after 60 years of independence. Thousands of gruesome incidents like this  are happening in this country every year and  a very small percentage is coming to public eye. There are gross negligence and dereliction of duty on everyone concerned on each of the above incidents.

Most of the Government  Hospitals in this country  doesn’t have required basic facilities and on the contrary causes irreparable damage to public health with its unhealthy and unhygienic  conditions. Most of them doesn't have basic amenities like enough number of doctors and support staff, good equipments, electricity , drinking water etc. Private hospitals are not much better for common man as the promoters are seeing the  hospitals as profit centers and runs like any other corporate companies. They are mostly concerned about balance sheets and profitability and so consider patients as customers and concentrates to increase per patient income and for that prescribe unnecessary medicines and expensive tests to the hapless patients.

The current medical system make a new patient a regular customer by  making him completely dependent on medicines for his rest of his life. Allopathic treatment system works more in the interests of multinational pharmaceutical companies and the hospital industry and not for the welfare and wellbeing of patients. It make a patient always a patient by making him a slave of different diseases from time to time. It destroys the natural immune powers of people.

Doctors value is evaluated not by the number patients he cured or the commitment and expertise he has to his job but by the monetary value he brings to the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies. This shift   of a purely service oriented job to a competitive industry has made the Indian medical system the worst in the world.

It is heartening that multinational medicine companies are seeing India as their testing ground and the people here as their guinea pigs. We feel so insecure when we hear about these activities  which are happening in our prestigious institutions. In developed nations there are  strong resistance of activists and NGO’s  against using their citizens for medicine testing without their consent or knowledge. This is prompting the Global pharmaceutical companies to target citizens in underdeveloped countries like India,  where there is no good legislation or rule , where  more people are  illiterate and unaware of the dangers , where the government and administration can  easily be influenced, where corruption is rampant and values are degrading and where the value to a human life is diminishing day by day.

India is  fast becoming  a country where people have sagging self respect and confidence. More people   carry a suicidal attitude towards life. Social Morality and the sense of brotherhood and compassion are becoming a myth. The globalization have first made nuclear families and now the families   have become a formality.  just the  Individuals shrink in to themselves and there is no  social commitment and responsibility for what is happening around us.             

Our country have weakened like never before because of the above factors. The lack of commitment towards the society among the citizens is being utilised by the forces whose target is to destroy and weaken this country. It is become increasingly difficult to unitedly fight against common social evils and forces threatening the foundations of the Indian civil society.

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harri pao said...

Public health and welfare in Indonesia might be as the priority subjects that government have to take action..same as in India. If Gov have no budget for all people, public health, I think, could be encouraged by ourselves, such as to consume any health foods from our farms. It's a part which blogging for public health would be taken place. I'm glad visiting your blog and thank you for visiting mine.