Snehatheeram Beach , Thalikulam– The best beach in Thrissur

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Snehatheeram beach in Thalikulam , near  Thrissur, Kerala, is beautiful beach and ideal place picnic spot for families.

In the  evenings in this beach, one can have  views of  mesmerizing Sunsets. Sea is relatively calm and safe.

The  cleanliness of the beach and surroundings is the highlight of this beach.

‘Snehatheeram’  in Malayalam means love shore  and  compared to other beaches Snehatheeram beach is safe for couples and children, as it is run by department of tourism,Kerala Government. 

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A nice beach garden with a good children park in the beach  is also  a good attraction. The  park is having lots of good quality equipment and a small pool for the leisure of the children. There is an entry fee for the  garden and children’s park.

Snehatheeram Beach garden Better world

Snehatheeram beach has become famous recently thru their week long beach festivals promoted by the tourism department, which is conducted every year.

There is a restaurant called Nalukkettu opposite to the beach where seafood is offered.

How to reach Snehatheeram Beach.

Snehatheeram beach is 30 Kilometer drive from Thrissur in Thalikulam in  Ernakulam – Guruvayur route. The beach is 3 kilometers from Thalikulam. 

Snehatheeram Beach in Google Maps.

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