Why we need to quit smoking ?

Dear Friends,

What about taking a resolution to quit smoking this year ? 

Most people begin the habit of smoking in their teen age or  of early adulthood. And they start it due any of the factors like peer pressure, emulation of icons and stars who smoke,  risk taking attitude ,excitement of being a rebel, parental smoking etc.
Many teenagers develop this habit as they believe it is a step to adulthood and freedom.image
We know that many of the people who are habitual smokers, are well aware of the ill effects of this deadly habit and many wants quit it also. But as it has become an addiction they are unable to move away from it easily.
Many quit smoking several times!. Mark Twain said once “ It is very easy to quit smoking. I have done it  thousands of times!!!”.
Why we need to quit smoking ? Why all doctors are preaching to quit smoking whenever we go for a consultation ? Why WHO and Governments are  spending billions of dollars every year on QUIT SMOKING campaigns?

Because Smoking is really a bad habit which is the major cause for various d social, economic and health problems and the tobacco / nicotine is a monster which is  killing us, inch by inch, day by day.
Let us look into some of the factors.
  • The tobacco tar coats the walls  of lungs and tracts Like the soot in a chimney!. This tarring effect of smoking causes continuous degradation of our health system.
  • It is well known fact that smoking causes various types of Cancers, lung cancer being the most prominent. Smokers are in high risk group for mouth, larynx, esophagus, bladder, kidney and pancreatic cancers. Smokers are more susceptible to peptic ulcers, emphysema (a progressive disease of the lung that primarily causes shortness of breath)and chronic bronchitis.
  • Smoking causes narrowing down of blood vessels and this will cause the heart to work harder and harder, and  will cause heart attacks.  Heart problems and strokes are common problems in smokers.
  • Increased stress on heart and the blood vessels slows down the blood flow to legs and hands and results in amputation of the limbs
  • Smoking females have much more impact on their health than males. Smoking during pregnancy risk their own and  health of the baby.    
  • By smoking we are not only risking our own health but also of others around us. passive smoking or second hand smoking causes serious health problems to people around. Studies proved that the passive smokers are also a high risk group for heart attacks and lung deceases. Children are the worst victims of  passive smoking, Premature infant deaths, Respiratory problems, Asthma, ear infections, heart ailments and low lung growth are common in passive smoking children.
  • It is proved in studies that, there is a higher possibility for children of smoking parents  becoming smokers in future due to various reasons.
  • Studies also says that the risk for heart attack and other ailments reduces considerably, once we quit smoking. This is really a good news for all the smokers who are planning to this habit soon.
We need to be aware that smoking causes a number of deadly deceases and is a slow way to a terrible death. It gives us years pain and suffering.
I request you to kindly quit this highly dangerous and evil habit and live a happy and healthy life from now on. Remember smoking not only hurts you but also your loved ones.
So take a resolution today to quit smoking and make 2010 an year to remember in your rest of the life. And be the inspiration and role model to the fellow smokers to quit smoking.
Set example for your children and society in general by leading a happy and healthy life.
Quit Smoking today.
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