Let us strive hard to make a better earth

Welcome to you to my thaughts and feelings about our mother earth...

The unending quest of human for wealth, money and fame has been making this beutiful land of god a hell. There is no enough pure drinking water. Fresh air is a rare commodity now. There is no gurantee that the food item we get from the market /hotels are free of pestiside residues and will not cause any health problem when consumed.

The most hertening factor the greed of man resulted endangering all other species normal life.

The uncontrolled use of plastics has made the soil unfertile. polluting smoke from vehicles and factories has contaminated and contribute to global warming. Polluting effluents and nuclear wastes are changing the environment forever.

Please join me to spread message on the need to control greed and live a life in a nature friendly way. To spread universal love and peace.

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