Finally Iphone 3G is coming to India !!!

It seems that the long wait of iPhone fans in India is finally over. iphone_inhand_good.article-width As expected, Apple 3G iPhone, which has acquired a cult status in western countries, is getting officially launched here by Bharti Airtel and Vodafone on 22nd of August 08.

I am sure that there will be great demand for this coveted product in India also. Already there are lot of un locked and cracked iPhones are used in India.

Problems are in plenty even if we could buy iPhone on 22nd.

  • The base model is priced at $199 (About INR 8000) globally. Service providers are giving subsidies for iPhones. Here Bharti and Vodafone are not planning to give any subsidies and at the same time likely to sell at a premium price. According to industry assumptions price could be more than Rs.30000/-!!!.
  • In India 3G network is still not a reality. Government is yet to take a decision and still formulating guidelines on the 3G spectrum to the private players. It was known that PSUs BSNL and MTNL were allocated 3G spectrum and it may take long time for them to make the networks ready.
  • Even if the Players get the 3G spectrum it will take minimum one year for them to make the new infrastructure up for 3G. Existing 2G infrastructure cannot be used for the new technology.
  • As 3G networks are not available, the full functionality of the iPhone cannot be utilized. But it will work on 2G networks, which we have now, with limited functions.


Anyway it is very clear that iPhone is going to create rage among the gadget lovers in India also, as it happened abroad. Major mobile manufactures like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericson will face very stiff competition for their high end models. They will have to do more innovation to bring out better products that standup to this iconic gadget !!.

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Apple launches iPhone 3G today amidst much fanfare !!!

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1 comment:

Rajkiran P said...

It is a news!
Can't wait anymore to buy one.
Wonder when the Goverment will act.