Chrome- New browser from Google

Google browser!!!??...Yeah..The search engine company Google has unveiled its own browser yesterday named as 'Google Chrome' beta. It is open for download for all in the following site.

Click here to go to the download sitelogo_sm

More than 72% web users are using Microsoft's Internet explorer for their browsing requirements now. Internet Explorer is much popular than any other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera. Google Chrome has hit the market at this juncture and will be competing with IE whose Ver.8 has been recently launched.

I have just downloaded and tried Google Chrome. The installation is online finished without much hiccups. The following are the points I noticed .

  • It doesn't look like a conventional browser and the feel is much lighter and simple.
  • Searching is simplified. You can type key words in the address bar itself to use Google search ( search engine can be changed). As Google Chrome Seamlessly work with the search engines and finding the web address is also very easy.
  • Opening a new tab is pretty easy. Just click the '+' next to the current pane you have a new tab.
  • There is no Menu bar also. There is much lesser buttons, options or icons. We cannot add any additional features also.
  • There is new 'incognito' window. If you open this window and browse it won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window.
  • There is no progress bar to know the progress of the page loading.
  • It seems faster than firefox. Seems to be more stable also as the errors in web pages are not affecting Google Chrome.

The days of monopoly in browser industry will end with the launch of Google Chrome. And the competition will greatly transform Internet experience for better by compelling the manufactures to come up with unique and friendly solutions to the users.

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Vany said...

First cut preview .. I installed chrome on my laptop on Tuesday
evening itself when they launched.
But didn't met my expectations to beat IE 7.0 or Firefox..
The only advantage I could find is that the no need to add additional
toolbar - address bar itself can be used to search google -- also it
is a light wt application -- doesn't consume much memory -- so
browsing is fast ..
and you can save your history in the home page .. [ I really didn't
like this option.. as if it would have been better to see only those
which I add in favourites.]

Sudheesh Bhaskaran said...

Thanks for your comments Vany. I found Chrome is taking long time to load pdf pages. Firefox and IE loads pdf pages faster.