How to 'Safely' Use Mobile Phones

Can we stop using Mobile Phones??!!! Mobile Phone has become the most essential and  most popular gadget  used by people worldwide today. It has become an extendedMobile user part of the body for lot of us. The problem it causes to the Human body and the chances of developing cancer on mobile users, are still a matter of great debate among scientists, who work on the effects of mobile usage. We , common people , don't know whether it is because of the multi billion dollar  business interest of the mobile industry which is influencing scientific facts. The  following can be taken care to safely use your mobiles and reduce the possibility of any health hazard in the future.

  • Use it sparingly!!! you read it right. It is a fact that the  radiation is high when we talk over the phone. Make calls when it is absolutely necessary. Be clear about what mobilephto talk before making the call. Ensure offers of free airtime and money back  don't make us to have marathon calls.  Remember mobiles can never be a replacement for our Social and family  life. Spend quality time with family , friends and relatives.
  • Don't use when the battery/Signal is low. In these conditions mobile radiation will be multifold than at normal situations. So please make it a point to charge when there is only one battery block is available. Also avoid making calls when the signal  range is low.
  •  Use Speaker phone feature more. This is a wonderful way to keep radiation away. I use this feature very much. Whenever I feel the call could be long I go to my personal cabin or to the conference room and and switch to speaker phone mode. At home also we can do this if the call content is not a secret.
  • Keep away from the body as much as possible. Don't keep the mobile in the shirt or trouser pockets or in the belt Ear Phonepouch when not in use. Keep in your hand bag or in the hand itself when traveling and in the table when you work. While talking usage of ear phones are also good. But it is proven that the long  use of ear phones will damage our hearing abilities.
  • Use flip type phones. Using 2 piece, flip phones aFlip Phonere another good way to reduce radiation. Most of the flip side  phones have it's antennas on the mouth piece of the  phone. This will effectively increase the distance from the antenna to  our brain or body and reduce the radiation levels.
  • A strict No to young children and pregnant women. It is a fact that mobile phone radiation will have great impact of the health of  young children. I  am aware that the children are basicNavneetally very curious about this magic gadget. My son is also no different. But as their responsible  parents we need to restrict them using  or playing with it.  Moms-to-be, please note - just avoid cell phones, for a study has revealed that using mobiles during pregnancy could significantly raise your unborn child’s risk of developing  behavioral problems and heart beat rates later in life.
  • Don't talk and drive. This is against rule of law and against our safety. Don't use mobile phone when driving.

Nobody can deny the fact that it is  a innovation which changed the way we  work and live. There is no question about it's usefulness and convenience. There are people who love their cute phones rather than anything else!!! And there are great companies like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung , Apple etc who tries to make phones which can do  everything other than just communication.

Check out your mobile's radiation levels ( Specific Absorption Rate)  before looking at the glossy features. We can use technology but  not abuse it. So use Mobiles but use it safely!!!.


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