Ooty Botanical Garden - A heaven on earth !!!

  Have you ever been to this paradise on earth !!! I have been fortunate to visit the Ooty Botanical Garden for  more than 5 times in my life, in a span 20 years. It is an amazing fact that this popular garden  continue to hold its charm and freshness all through these years. Here nature comes in perfect harmony with the life.Ooty botanical Garden entranceOoty botanical garden has got a mystic beauty to attract regular  tourists who carries it's pleasant memories all through their life. 
The 55 acre wide Ooty botanical garden is located  in the heart of  the Ooty town in Tamilnadu state. For a visitor who enters from the noise,smoke and traffic of the town feel and experience a different world altogether inside the park. Ooty botanical Garden Glass house He is welcomed by a variety of colorful flowers ,beautiful lush green lawns and  rare trees, bushes and plants.
The History says the Ooty botanical garden was built by a British District collector way back in 1840 to cultivate western vegetables for the British employees who  worked here and was later converted into a public park.Picture 470
Now this  garden is home to several rare species of trees and plants collected from different parts of the world.
Ooty botanical garden tree species There is a cork tree, which is not seen anywhere else in  India, a monkey puzzle tree  and a paper bark tree, which are few to name in this great collection. Ooty botanical garden italian garden 3Also it has a  fossil tree trunk displayed which is about 20 million years old. The fern houses  have plenty of   begonias,  fern, cacti , orchids, dahlias and bulbous plants.The garden has good number of flowering plants both in its fern houses and outside.There is a Italian garden and a Lilly pond with color full flowers.  Picture 365  But in my opinion the highlight of the Ooty botanical garden is its vast and luxurious green lawns, which are definitely an striking visual treat.Picture 417   A flower show along with an exhibition of rare plant species is held every year in the month of May at this garden. According to the estimates close to 2 million tourists visit this park every year and the number is growing.
It is currently run by Tamilnadu state horticulture department and they doing an excellent job in keeping it in excellent condition. Ooty botanical garden italian garden
Any  tour plan to the famous hill station of Ooty, Tamilnadu, India will not be complete without a visit  this beautiful  botanical garden. This is a must see place if you are in  Ooty. Picture 374 And do remember to allocate a minimum of 4 hours to spend, in this heaven on earth.Picture 323

So don't wait anymore , Come and enjoy the peace and tranquility at the great Ooty botanical garden.
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